Exocoetidae: Flying Fish

by Rejectionary Art

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Cyril Glaume
Cyril Glaume thumbnail
Cyril Glaume "Butterfly" était brillant. Là par contre, c'est la cata'... :( www.coreandco.fr/chroniques/rejectionary-art-exocoetidae-flying-fish-6147.html Favorite track: This Hollywood Town.
Nicolas RESSOT
Nicolas RESSOT thumbnail
Nicolas RESSOT Un jour, j'ai commandé un tire-bouchon sur le net parce que j'avais une bonne bouteille de vin à la maison...trois jour plus tard, je reçois un décapsuleur ! Mais bon, que celui qui n'a jamais acheté un album sans l'avoir écouté me jette la première pierre ! Favorite track: Little Cry.
Rhokeheart thumbnail
Rhokeheart Totally outside the box music. Very unique and impossible to fit into a genre. Mind blowing originality. Favorite track: Little Cry.
Can This Even Be Called Music?
Can This Even Be Called Music? thumbnail
Can This Even Be Called Music? Listening to a Rejectionary Art album is a feast for the melomaniac. That new one will please the more musically extroverted of us all. If you want metal, listen to the last song of this album, and their previous album, but if you just want bloody good music, you can put the album(s) on repeat indefinitely. Favorite track: The Scientist and The Machine (feat. Oliver Vaid).
Professor Konsui
Professor Konsui thumbnail
Professor Konsui There's just no categorizing this album, it packs many different genres into a bizarre package, executing each style perfectly. Before this album, I was purely a metal and classical fan, but now I enjoy all sorts of music. If you plan on broadening your musical horizons, check out this album. If you prefer metal, the other album is mostly recommended. However, this album is a must. Favorite track: Happiness Is Always Somewhere Else (feat. Al Pimentel).
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Post-contemporary music that is artful yet philosophically driven, with a large conceptual scope and dynamic range.


released October 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Rejectionary Art Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: We The Artists (feat. Morgan Ågren)

We the artists

We the aural artists of the world in order to create a more perfect craft, establish priorities, insure mental tranquility, provide for evolution promote general growth and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and posterity do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United Aural Artists.

Article 1

All Music Industry powers herein granted shall be vested in the artists themselves.

Article 2

Art shall not be compromised for the reason of being neither commercial nor controversial.

Article 3

Performing Artists shall not be required to pay to perform in venues, bars, pubs, stadiums, restaurants, festivals or any other establishments.

Article 4

Businessmen and corporations including but not limited to music publishers, recording studios, recording engineers, record labels, retail and online music stores, performance rights organizations, copyright and royalty collection organizations, booking agents, promoters, music venues, road crew, talent managers, business managers and entertainment lawyers shall not impose modifications upon the craft and/or collect more revenue from the craft then the crafter him or herself.

Article 5

Entertainment and Music Industry and/or governments shall not inflict censorship against the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of creation, or of the speech.

Article 6

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, shall exist within the United Aural Artists.

Article 7

Music Industry shall make no rules respecting composition, recording, mixing, mastering, performance (including artist's appearance and clothing), track length, song structure,music genre, vocal styles, melodies, chord progressions, rhythm, lyrics, language, instrumentation, tones, dynamics, volume and equipment used.

Article 8

The right of the to artist to be secure in their artistic integrity shall not be violated.
Track Name: This Hollywood Town
This Hollywood Town

I packed 2 bags with stuff, it was finally my time to go
Prepared to leave behind all the friends I did know
Kissed mamma goodbye she had tears on her face
Daddy told me watch your back and keep your head straight
Hopped a Dreamline north-bound for glory, or so I thought
Arriving a day later, filled of fears, hopes and doubts

Found a crowd preaching what they don't know how
Met some folks who played and partied all night long
I remember Fat Mess drinking her preys into love
the italians only seen in packs wherever they'd go
Zane and Zilla fiddling really, really, really, really, really, really fast
Randall finds the bottom of another glass/bottle

If you're walking on the streets don't look down
Someone might attack you for no reason at all
You will see forgetful ladies wearing no pants
And grown men arguing with invisible friends
Sirens and helicopters sing a lullaby nightly
Keep a fake smile on and grab any opportunity

This Hollywood town is real strange place
Freaks are all around and bums scream in your face
All in here seems to be the other way around
There's dirt on the sky and stars are on the ground

Meet the scientologists and get a free stress test
The other day I heard they'll even give you breakfast
If you have a meal in any local restaurant
You'll be sure served by a new silver screen aspirant
Rappers and hip hoppers handing out their CDR's
Red busses will take you on a tour of the stars

Night time is peculiar on the boulevard
Hopefully you wont get hit by a car
20 bucks can only buy you a beer and shot
And and another 20 for the parking lot
But you get to hang out with a very special crowd
They manage to have an IQ lower than a mouse
Track Name: Happiness Is Always Somewhere Else (feat. Al Pimentel)
Happiness Is Always Somewhere Else

I've been around…
To the top and bottom of the world
And every time I wanna stay
It's once again time to go…

I could go on forever
And never look behind
Forget all priorities
And goals in my life

But for reasons beyond my control
I return to this savage endless freak show
Try to focus, concentrate, normalize
While I dream about the next time I'll go around

Happiness belongs to someone else
I can grasp it for a moment sometimes
Can't keep it for good, it ain't mine… it ain't mine

Happiness is always somewhere else
If I am here happiness is there
When I was there happiness was here
So I find it, lose it, doubt it,
But I'm always dreaming about it …
Track Name: Funkuggah (feat. Dane Markanson, Jesse Malley, Gianni Rosati, Loyse Rosati, The Venetian)

Funkuggah is a groovy metal
Get down on this mosh pit it's the bomb to the max!
Funkuggah you dance with your head
Up and down, cross your eyes Funkuggah is a gas!

B- Rutal:
Ha, so you think you think that a bunch of metal heads are gonna dance?
That is fucking ridiculous FAG shit, B-Rutal speaking! Pure fucking metal!

P Dog:
Hate to break down the news B, but you are already doing it..
That thing you do… watcha call it? Headbanging that's that…
Can't tell me you ain't no dancer

B- Rutal:
You're tripping P Dog, that shit is way huskadarian!

P Dog:
Get real B , it is FME, Funk Metal Evolution!

Up and down Funkuggah

B- Rutal:
What is that P. Dog?
My head is moving!
That's kinda ruthless… I dig it!

P Dog:
I knew, you Ain't Just A Woofin'
Track Name: Childhood

Oh how I urged I could just talk to you
Longed for a reason to make me want to stay
Bursting hysteria out of the blue
Playing dead, so you'd go away

The angst I learned later turned
Into a lifetime loyal companion
Insults and threats, converted regrets
Endless crossed misunderstandings

After all there were just good intentions
And even though we can't erase mistakes
At last we could find reconciliation
And let go all the painful days

The angst I learned later turned
Into a lifetime loyal companion
Insults and threats, converted regrets
Endless crossed misunderstandings

No one can see what we had to achieve
to get to this point of mutual redemption
Each apology that ever came from me
Was only possible 'cause I forgave you

Recalling the times you didn't say sorry
You actually did, in your silent way
Now that I'm gone it's a whole different story
I choose to remember only my favorite days
Track Name: Little Cry
Little Cry

Ah que saudade que eu tenho do Brasil
dos cuidados de mãe
dos jantares com a Pérola regados a country wine
das gargalhadas sem motivo com a Rachel
da comida da Con, mate gelado da praia
de jeito de mãe da Isabel

Fim de semana com churrasco do meu pai
do requeijão, andar de bicicleta na ciclovia com a Mari
de tocar com a banda na garagem ou no bar
das águas do atlântico tão boas de nadar
da cerveja barata nas noites na Lapa

da Chapú latindo pra ganhar mais um pedacinho
das avós no sofá cochilando de fininho
da camaradagem de irmão
do croquete do Alemão
dos sábios conselhos de quem sabe o q diz

Do fim do ano sempre alegre no verão,
brioche do Badofe, da coxinha de frango com catupiry
da casquinha de sirí com pimenta e limão
do coração de galinha, carne seca no feijão
da Tainá sorrindo e a Raissa instruindo

Das conversas intermináveis com a Cecilia
das teorias do Rodrigo sempre alternativas
do gol preto q foi roubado
do ilegal queijo coalho
dos que se foram e deixaram a saudade

All I have left from those days is a little cry
for my life has changed and I have learned
that grief is never brief, so I move on
one day I might come back, but I know it won't be soon
bye bye Brasil, tchau carnaval
Track Name: Oh Life
Oh Life

Oh life, just please wait for me
To get out of my blues and then sing again
I realize I'm not old yet
But those days will come and I don't want to regret

Oh life just give it a break
It's soon but I can it see ahead
The future getting here so fast
Those days will come and I don't want to regret

I hope to look back and be proud of my time
All the great things I've done, well I might
So please life just give me a second
To get new color and regain my breath

Oh life you are so rapid
But one lonely night seems to last forever
Truthfully I enjoy being part of it
Little confidence boost wouldn't hurt me a bit
Track Name: Rapture (feat. Marco Minnemann)

Fill me up, euphoria,
illusions, day dreaming,
implosion, it's baffling

How the scent favored
that one moment
of surenderment
as if involuntarily

Thug of my thoughts,
perversion of course,
See you for the very first time
after seeing you my whole life

Damned I never loved you before
Damn! I love you now
and the way I do it
it's so wrong dissolves reality

I just wanna cry now for
there will never be a 'you and me'
fantasizing it could have been
it stains, drains, strains me, it's insanity

the void left smothers me
one more night

Filled me up, euphoria,
illusions, day dreaming,
implosion, it all baffled me

Circumstances flavored
that one moment
of surrenerdment
in its entirety

Thug of l my thoughts,
perversion of course,
see you for the very first time
after seeing you my whole life

Damned I never loved you before
Damn! I love you now
and the way I do it
it's so wrong, dissolves reality

My immoral soul weeps
the rapture gone, not to be retrieved
contempt , memories
stains, sickens me, it's insanity

the void left, now smothered
ends it all
Track Name: Rupture (feat. Marco Minnemann)

Contrition, acceptance,
facing a nest in debris
the moment of rupture
turned around gripping me

A choice one can't have
a force establishing
the purpose of mine
prevents the drift away

Here you are a safe place
a rescue for the lost mind
the reference, the constant, the stable
restoring my demolished foundations
Track Name: The Scientist and The Machine (feat. Oliver Vaid)
The Scientist and the Machine

The Scientist didn't want to leave his lab
He scared the machine, the machine made him scared
He theorized and experimented day and night
Neglected the body concentrated the mind

Once he left his lab and spoke to men
Shared his discoveries in science
But men recoiled for they didn't understand
Rejecting him, he rejected men

He left town in search of solitude
Defeated for he failed to reach mankind
He climbed the highest mountain and spoke to his heart
"I came to early, they have yet to comprehend me"

For 17 years no one came for him
In wilderness he found himself belonging
With birds he sang and to his journal he confided
"I know better than them all "

One day the Machine came and took it all away
Crushing his spirit momentarily
The advocate of living and of suffering
Collapsed for he saw himself powerless

Pale and trembling, lying on the ground
For 7 days no water reached his mouth
Inside his cave, no sunlight came
But his animals were there to say

The world awaits you as a garden
But he was so, too weary of mankind
He turned his back to the machine entirely
Decided to now build one of his own

And created for himself an alternate universe
And over there he is the God of worlds
Strange creatures and him populate the universe
No laws of men and physics, no humans allowed

And there he awaits his last dawn
So far out he could not be found
He is past all points of no return
Spending his eternity alone

In his universe
Where he is the only creator
In his universe

Who will claim he is right?
Who will claim he is wrong?
He lived for his science an science alone