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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Un bon album qui me rappelle beaucoup To-mera et Aghora, à cela de différence près qu'il y a un type qui vient pousser la gueulante de temps à autre. Ajoutons quelques expérimentations légères mais bienvenues, et voilà ! c'est prêt ! Favorite track: React.
Cyril Glaume
Cyril Glaume thumbnail
Cyril Glaume Si un album peut amener l'amateur de musiques aventureuses à avoir une meilleure opinion du Djent, c'est bien "Butterfly". Plus d'info ici: www.coreandco.fr/chroniques/rejectionary-art-butterfly-6096.html Favorite track: React.
Rhokeheart thumbnail
Rhokeheart Good stuff, one of the best female heavy singers I have heard. A great progressive album. Favorite track: Put me in water.
Can This Even Be Called Music?
Can This Even Be Called Music? thumbnail
Can This Even Be Called Music? It’s heavy, intricate, and bloody good (while being challenging to the listener). Favorite track: React.
Professor Konsui
Professor Konsui thumbnail
Professor Konsui Very heavy, but different to the usual metal. Packed full of awesome instrumentals by Lee and beautiful vocals from Paula. Favorite track: Complicated.
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"Imagine a mixture of female death metal vocals, bizarre jazz guitar tones, 20th century avant garde harmonies, and impossible rhythms.

Or don't imagine it, listen to Rejectionary Art -- a creative duo (Paula Stefanini and Lee Wanner) out of Los Angeles." Carl King


released May 18, 2012



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Rejectionary Art Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: React

I want to show you a new way
Don’t be afraid of the unknown
Don’t be another fear based refrain head
I’m shooting for beyond

For the people who try to stop me
Go on and on and on…
But I don’t care anymore

Regurgitating is not creating
We can only go forward
Little power can strengthen all our weaknesses
Let’s not give in to the comfortable
There is no satisfaction there, there is none

I am ready for rejection
I am ready for interaction
I insult for a reaction
Go far for a passion
After all, connection
Track Name: Grief

It’s who cares O’clock in it doesn’t matter day,
and the unemployed calendar proves the weeks away
This town is a toilet and I’m in line for the stall
Waiting to accomplish all I probably ever will
Grief makes the mind degenerate

I admit it, I enjoy the pain… missing you. and, I wrap my self in it and then I dive in heart first
I cut it open and its blood pours into me I tighten my grip my face turns blue and it breaths
Grief makes the mind degenerate

Time passes us by but things between us stay the same
I hope that we never let that friendship dissipate
She said remember all the good times,
and how much fun, we always had together
Grief makes the mind degenerate
Track Name: So They Say
So They Say

You all will live in fear
And spread the blood next
Burn the young flesh
No questions asked

Reproduce, abuse, kill and die in my name
Follow senseless rules, stone to death the rebels
Build altars idolize, don’t forget who I am
Disobey and taste seven times my revenge

My jealousy brings thee disgrace
Work hard to build me fame
I’ll destroy millions
So all will know my name

Slaughter the pure
Slaughter the offer
This world where I rule
Will fall in disorder (Will hate one another)

Years will go by
Nothing really changes
The twisted nature inside
Consumes the human brain (Destroys the human race)
Track Name: Land of No Friends
Land of no friends

Here I’m all alone
In the land of no friends
Here I am and no
friends to pretend they understand

Here I am still saying goodbye
To that life that is gone
Here I am hurting
my ideas were so wrong

Take me to the right place to be
Take me again like you once did

Here I am absolutely dried
By egocentrism

Here I am running out of time
Here I am resisting

Take me to the right place for me
Take me again like you once did
Track Name: Let it Go
Let it go

Dear friend,
It hurts to feel your grief
to see your smile turn into tears
Today sorrow is yours
Tomorrow it shall be mine
We are all waiting for a loss
It’s just a matter of time
Senseless is the way life works
And yet we wait for answers
a constant lesson to let it go
Until it’s our own time to leave
but one thing time can not take from us
the change that our dearest ones make in our souls
And that my friend, we will carry wherever we go
Your pain is yours, but it’s also mine
Please learn to let it go
Track Name: Empty Hands
Empty Hands

Hey do you know
By any chance
which direction
should I go?

I came from far away,
looking for something,
but all I found
was seekers like me

They gave me everything
Yet I chose to leave
I chose to be here
I have nothing,
but I believe

Do you know what time
it is in here?
Time went back and forth
I’m lost again

it’s again night time
And we I had no time,
There was never time
to realize

I’m holding tight every grain of this sand
I won’t go back with empty hands

The ones who found the path
Never return, never come back
Never tell how to get there
Track Name: Put me in water
Put me in water

Put me in water
And there is no pain
When in water
I am light again

Leave me in water
Don’t try to understand
Just, leave me in water
You can call me insane

Dissipates all the weight
That I carry in my head today
Dissipates all the weight
That I carry in my head everyday

Put me in water
To fly in blue surface
Let the water
Make me breathe again
And the water will
Fill the empty space
Maybe in water
I’ll find joy again

Dissipates all the weight
That I carry in my head today
Dissipates all the weight
That I carry in my head everyday

Not just sleep, water rest
To relieve the pressure in my brain
Not just sleep, water rest
Oxygen running through my veins
Not just sleep water rest
Allows me run and hide safely
Inside this wall where no one hears me at all
And I can forget how much gravity weighs
I want to come back like I did before
I don’t want to live hiding anymore

See the water
Like in Thale’s tale
Bring the water
To clean the souls for sale

Put me in water
Where I began
Put me in water
Again, and again…
Track Name: Our Sorrow
Our Sorrow

Our sorrow will last forever
Scorn of human life sit in thrones
This is a world of injustice
History can’t prove me wrong

There will always a minority that sees
Still fights against the inevitable
Only through our work may we find beauty
And make the horrors in life acceptable

Condemned to see only shadows of ideas
To hate the ones they’ll never get to know
Since misery loves company
This is the way it goes

Junction of opposites
Fighting for each others place to exist
Allowing archaic wrath
Play the mort over and over again
Track Name: Mother

You gave me life
You gave me sense of wrong and right
You let me try
You let me know you’d be around

But I stole the time
You could have used to live your life
Hurt you too many times
But you could still forgive my misguided mind

You gave me love
You gave all you ever had
You gave me shelter
You’d give your life to protect me

But I was too out
Of my mind to recognize
I was so blind

Is it to late to apologize
For all those
painful tears pulled from your eyes
Is it to late to apologize
For being a coward
And let you believe for all this time
That I didn’t love you
Track Name: Complicated

Find the meaning of existence
Defeat billions to make a difference

Fearing time will not allow
But I can’t think of nothing now

Live, thrive love a mate
Before my expiration date
It’s easy, but it’s so complicated, so complicated

Programmed duties to distract me
Although awareness fills my head constantly

I’m not sure how to apply it
Therefore I keep collecting whys
Track Name: What else
What else

Chaos, another name for humankind
Ignore thee degradation all around

The hole is getting deeper
Is there still a way out?
Greed defeats all principles
This torture chamber is ours

Alone, even when together we are
Give up, there is nowhere you can hide

The hole is getting deeper
Is there still a way out?
Greed defeats all principles
This torture chamber is ours

Everywhere I look the desperation seems to take care
Of it all
Covered in dirt, creating a scab to protect them
Our real lives
Anxiety and ignorance bring the sorrow
In silence
Useless, unnoticed, forgotten
We all die

So I’m here to ask
Didn’t you have enough?
What else has to happen?